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About the idea and people behind Secret2MySuccess.

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Broadcasting from Legends Radio -- 100.3 WLML in Palm Beach County, Florida -- Secret2MySuccess is a radio program for the entrepreneur in you. Our mission is to spread success around so that everyone profits.

About Our People:

Allen Bornstein, Host

Allen Bornstein is the host and founder of Secret 2 My Success. Allen grew up with a fascination for the Boston Red Sox and owning his own business. He started his own staffing & recruiting business at 19. Seen mostly with his iconic Baseball cap, Allen took his love for sports and combined it with his knowledge of business to create a new show that is unique and a definite homerun! Join Allen every Saturday as he brings in CEOs, Business owners, and sports professionals to talk about their stories and successes right here, on Secret 2 My Success.

Allen has walked the walk and talked the talk. He has been dubbed, “the king of networking.” A former dinosaur who used to practice hundreds of cold calls a day for himself and staff, he completely transitioned to much friendlier business development approach that has demonstrated far more results. He has successfully grown Executive Search Firms, Payroll and Human Capital Management along with a Commercial Insurance agency. He has been the guiding inspiration to helping hundreds of businesses. He is known for making key strategic introductions to anyone trying to grow their business.

Luis Alicea, Host

Luis Alicea is a former Major League Baseball, second baseman. Luis played for the Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, Anaheim Angels, St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. Luis brings his love for sports into the limelight by bringing in guest stars that have used their professional sports experience to grow businesses on their own. Tune in as Luis chats with former professional athletes to give you the inside scoop right here on Secret 2 My Success.

After Alicea’s playing days ended, he managed the Boston Red Sox affiliates the Lowell Spinners in 2004 and 2005, and the Greenville Drive in 2006. It wasn't long before Alicea was back in the Majors as the Red Sox' First Base Coach. He served in this position through the 2007 and 2008 seasons, winning a World Series Championship in 2007. Alicea was then hired by the New York Mets to be their first base coach for the 2009 season.

Luis has been instrumental in guiding athletes from sports to entrepreneurs. Most athletes are surrounded by agents or other parties managing their money and making decisions for them without much direct involvement. When their career ends, so does the guidance. Many business decisions are made for the wrong reasons. Bad decisions can lead to bankruptcy or worse.

About Secret2MySuccess:

Secret 2 My Success is an hour show speaking to local business executives talking about their road to success. The Good, Bad and Ugly. A show about what they went through to get where they are. A very candid and fun conversation to motivate those thinking about starting their own business. We want to learn about their road to success. This is not a place for them to sell or display, but more to education, inspire, entertain, and show others a path to success.

The idea came about when thinking about a show that can showcase athletes and where they are today. However, shows like this would be a dime a dozen, so creatively, the show took on a different turn. A show about athletes that have transitioned out of sports into their own respective businesses.

After that, the production team got to work. Partnering with Legends Radio, the show is scheduled to air every Saturday at 7:30 AM EST. There are no rest days, however. While the show does air on Saturday, the production team is going above and beyond every day. Calling and scheduling guests, both professional athletes and businesses. Coordinating studio time to record and edit the show before it airs. Setting up commericals and sponsorships. The whole works.

Here at Secret 2 My Success, we embrace challenges and look to overcome them using a dedicated team of thinkers that want to succeed. That is our secret. The Secret 2 Our Success.

About WLML Legends Radio:

Legends 100.3 is a full power live and local FM radio station based in Florida’s beautiful Palm Beaches playing the best music ever created. It’s the Great American Songbook with artists including Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble´, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, Harry Connick, Jr., Vic Damone, Jack Jones, Rod Stewart, Tony Bennett, and many more.

Legends 100.3 is fortunate to be independent and locally owned and operated. Legends 100.3 was founded by professional broadcaster Dick Robinson with the express purpose to showcase and preserve the greatest music ever recorded and to present the music in a fun, upbeat, and community-focused fashion. Great music. Live local personalities. Frequent public service announcements, and more.

We’re glad to have you with us!

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